1. They love me unconditionally.
    That's mutual
  2. They are good people
    They possess empathy and reason.
  3. We have shows that we ONLY watch together
    Even if it's the season finale (Empire), their friend are talking about it (PLL), they are bored at their moms and it's the only thing to watch (fresh off the boat) they wait till they come home to watch with me.
  4. They never make me feel like a white ghost
    They are Chinese and I am not. Chinese people often call white people "white ghosts" (in Chinese of course).
  5. They never make me feel like their stepmom
    I'm just me, a parental figure in their life with unconditional love for them
  6. They still hug me ALL the time
    In public, in front of friends, in front of strangers, in front of their mom. Real hold-on-and-don't-let-go hugs.
  7. They don't see life without me in it
    Involved, present, there. Again mutual. Life isn't really entire whole without them home.