In a taxi. Walking. Train later. Then bus.
  1. You can pretty much get anywhere in the city with multiple modes of transport
    Taxi, Uber, car service, bike, horse and carriage, walking, running, roller blades, car pooling, subway,
  2. There is a pulse and energy and it's contagious if you are open to it
    Everyone is busy and if they are not, they are busy being NOT busy. They have three jobs or one job and two hobbies, or only hobbies, that they are willing to tell you all about. Be inspired.
  3. Everyone has a story
    They came from somewhere, they started doing something else, they are layered with life. Yep, even the tourists.
  4. The museums and art galleries and architecture OH MY
    And you can walk to every one. Hit the Met, walk the park hit the Natural History. Chelsea galleries. Fire house museum then the MOCA....then the Chelsea galleries
  5. The Restaurants the food the desserts
    Enough said.
  6. It's love at first sight over and over and over again
    I'd have an affair with LA, maybe a fling with Barcelona and Paris, but New York completes me.