Apparently there's a chapel in the Atlanta airport that takes confessional every morning and I find that juxtaposition hilarious (no offense to my Catholic friends)
  1. Forgive me Father, for I moved about the cabin while the seatbelt sign was still on.
  2. Forgive me Father, for I got upgraded to First Class and left my wife and kids in coach
  3. Forgive my Father, for I stood up to board 30 minutes before boarding started and crowded the gate area unnecessarily.
  4. Forgive me Father, for I made a mother traveling alone with her child feel bad by glancing meanly in her direction and sighing profusely while her child cried due to turbulence and changes in air pressure and other factors the mother had no control over
  5. Forgive me Father, for I ignored the TSA agents shouting the security rules, forcing everyone behind me in line to wait while I took my wallet out of my pocket and my belt off during three separate trips through the scanner
  6. Forgive me Father, for I snuck a third bag through security and took up way more than my fair share of overhead bin space to store it on the plane.