Inspired by @ShawnKelly
  1. Posting an inspired list 2-20 days after it has trended
  2. Taking a 'treat yo self' attitude when choosing 70% of the food you eat
  3. Heavy sarcasm as a means of humor and self defense
  4. Talking incessantly to your coworkers to fill the silence in large conference rooms
  5. Smiling at dogs and babies on the street while completely ignoring their owners or parents
  6. A love of cheese, raspberries, roasted potatoes and ice cream
  7. An aversion to broccoli, green peppers, pineapple, and cilantro
    Re: cilantro- SOAP TASTE
  8. An addiction to coffee
  9. An inability to drive in Manhattan (or any of the 5 boroughs, really)
  10. Pretentious attitude about red wine with no knowledge to back it up
  11. Getting lost in novels and spending whole days reading them cover to cover
  12. Utilizing your floor and car as 2nd and 3rd clothes closets
  13. Moderate anxiety about how your lists will be received by the community 😁