Probably my most controversial list yet.
  1. Their texture is weird.
    It's mushy and slipper at the same time and I greatly dislike the mouth feel
  2. There are other "good fats" out there, too
    Olive oil, for example. But you don't see me putting that on toast and charging $10+ for it.
  3. Society's guac obsession
    Besides the fact that I'm one of the 1/20 people that cilantro tastes like soap to (look it up, science says this is real) I don't like guacamole. But every commercial/social media post pressures me to like this precious gift from God and makes me feel ashamed that I do not.
  4. They turn brown after a day
    Sorry to be shallow, avocados, but you look weird when you turn brown and get creepy spots all over you after you sit out for a bit.
  5. It's $2 extra to add them to anything
    Not that I would ever choose this but sometimes the upcharge seems ridiculous and also causes a lot of complaints from my avocado loving friends.