Amazon launched their own delivery service in my area over the weekend. I inquired with the delivery driver about the service. I didn't get much of an answer and was worried from the start. It didn't take long before my worries were realized. Within less than a week, I received notice a package was delivered but I never received it.
  1. Amazon delivery personnel have no customer service experience or training. There's no engagement like with USPS, UPS, and FedEx.
    Everyone else says, "Hello, how are you today?" or is able to answer a question. Everyone else takes the time to get to know the people they deliver to daily.
  2. Amazon delivery personnel have no experience organizing or delivering packages and probably only minimal training.
    I watched a driver sit in front of my house for 20 minutes and move around boxes.
  3. Amazon customer service personnel are completely unprepared to assist a Prime customer.
    Customer service didn't know how to help when contacted about a missing package, stating they would have to call back. They never called back.
  4. Amazon customer service personnel are unable to provide a resolution to missing packages.
    When called again it was a call center in Mexico and still no knowledge on how to resolve the problem.
  5. This is what you get for $99 a year.
    No matter what I expect Amazon to really be on point with handling their own deliveries before actually doing it.