As I try to nod off to sleep, I decided to jot down my favourite British comedy characters. Here are four that came straight to mind...
  1. Alan Partridge
    The life of Norwich's finest son, Alan Partridge. The audiobook of "his life" is probably the funniest thing I've ever listened to.
  2. David Brent
    Slough's paper merchant, who just wants to be loved. One of the most complete comedies ever written, "Training Day" episode still has me in tears.
  3. Derek "Del Boy" Trotter
    For many, "Del Boy" is as quintessentially British as a cup of tea. The rags to riches (to rags) story of an East End market stool trader tackled comedy whilst dealing with array of social issues too. Written by the late but great, John Sullivan.
  4. Basil Fawlty
    Another perfectly written sitcom, Basil was allegedly based on Donald Sinclair, a hotelier from Torquay, where my family used to holiday. I never realised this but the show actually tackles the British issue of class, with Basil evidently wanting to leave his own behind.
  5. Any others I'm missing?!