A number of Wilmington-area eateries have been featured in movies and TV shows filmed in the area. All are must-visit establishments for serious local film buffs.
  1. Buzz's Roost
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    In 1995 film "Empire Records," this eatery doubled as the music shop.
  2. Flying Pi Kitchen
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    This palace of pastry played Arlene's Diner in David Lynch's disturbing "Blue Velvet."
  3. Two Fat Ladies
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    Rebadged as burger joint Topper Jack's for the 2013 Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon comedy "Tammy," this top soul food spot retained some of the renovations after the movie wrapped.
  4. Ports of Call
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    This eatery is where Josh Duhamel learned to shuck an oyster in the 2013 adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel "Safe Haven."
  5. Dee's Drug Store
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    "Under the Dome" fans know this as a pharmacy that gets raided in season one
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