With the Friends of the Library's annual "Beach Reads" sale at the Northeast Library in mind, we contacted local authors, librarians and booksellers for their suggested beach reads.
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    1. Taylor Brown (“Fallen Land”) favors Pat Conroy. “I’m partial to ‘The Prince of Tides’ and ‘The Water is Wide.’ There’s always F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘Tender is the Night’ for some French Riviera goodness … For nonfiction, ‘Thai Stick’ by Wilmington’s own Peter Maguire is the fascinating, wild, untold story of the connection between surfing and marijuana smuggling.”
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    2. Margaret Miles (New Hanover County librarian, “Jeopardy!” champion): “Sir Walter Scott’s first novel, ‘Waverly.’ Or, if that’s too much, anything by Nevil Shute (‘On the Beach’) or Frank Herbert (‘Dune’).”
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    3. Robert Anthony Siegel (“All Will Be Revealed”): “I tend not to read at the beach, but I’m currently reading D.T. Max’s David Foster Wallace bio, ‘Every Love Story is a Ghost Story’ and finding it terrifically moving.”
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    4. Wendy Brenner (“Large Animals in Everyday Life”): “‘Valley of the Dolls’ by the late Jacqueline Susann — brand new, sparkly, 50th anniversary edition … includes a short 1966 piece by Susann herself called ‘My Book is NOT Dirty!’ Or, if one wants nonfiction, I’m reading Gerald Clarke’s biography of Truman Capote, which is full of astounding history and gossip. I never knew Jean Stein (co-editor with George Plimpton of ‘Edie: An American Girl’) had a romance with William Faulkner.”
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