Manchild (my son) isn't a traditional picky eater. He likes eating, but he's selective.
  1. He found tonight's meatball subs lacking.
    Homemade sauce & name brand Italian cheese blend over turkey meatballs on bakery buns. The meatballs were from a bag in the freezer. This was his issue. They were not lovingly crafted by hand from scratch.
  2. His attempts to "fix" his sub included honey-mustard (homemade) and pimiento cheese (also homemade).
    He concluded that while both were good the pimiento cheese was superior. He also reminded me that he'd like pimiento cheese burgers again soon.
  3. Any sandwich without cheese is an abomination
    No, thin slices from a block of basic cheddar will not do.
  4. He must have the deluxe version of any meal.
    Ramen? He adds egg, grated carrot, parmesan, and lots of pepper. Salad? Turkey, cheese, candied pecans, croutons, moar croutons, and homemade honey mustard dressing. Steak? Blue cheese compound butter on top.
  5. He refused to eat the mac & cheese from the blue box until he was in his late teens.
    Seriously. It must also have the deluxe treatment. Moar cheese (real cheese) and copious amounts of fresh ground pepper. I do not prepare this for him. It is one of his specialties.
  6. He is a waiter.
    At a themed local restaurant with Olive Garden prices. He can wax poetic about any menu item & has sold record numbers of "specials"