Requested by @eetak
By request of @eetak
  1. During a rough patch in my life, an online friend whose internet name was Ariadne, sent me a box of stuff.
    A care package.
  2. One of the things was a lovely trinket box.
    It sits on my bed table. Underneath is a small lace doily I crocheted in a spiderweb pattern. You might recognize the reference to Ariadne in the doily.
  3. The box comforts me.
    It still comforts me when I'm blue. Just reminding me of stuff I sometimes need reminding of.
  4. My son is fond of the box too.
    He drew the image many times. In crayon, then pencil, and eventually various graphics programs.
  5. He gifted me some of these images.
    At various stages of his developing talent.
  6. I took to using them on various profiles online.
    I'd been using the handle "Starmist" since '96
  7. He requested some photos of the box.
    To look at while arting.
  8. When I set up my listapp profile the images were easy to find.
    My files of his art are not on my phone. So, there you have it.