Good on celery, as a sandwich spread and amazing on burgers. @Alespecht12 this is my version of the classic.
  1. The ingredients
    8 oz cream cheese, 16 oz sharp cheddar, 6 oz diced pimientos, 1/2 cup-ish mayo, 1/8 tsp onion powder, 1/8th tsp ground mustard, a pinch of cayenne pepper. Brands not important. The quality of the cheese _is_. This is not the place for processed cheese. Also, please don't use pre-shredded. The additives interfere with the texture of the spread.
  2. Start with the cream cheese
    Unwrap the cream cheese & drop it into your mixing bowl to soften up while you deal with the other ingredients.
  3. Drain the pimientos
    You can use a strainer over a bowl or just hold your fingers loosely across the mouth of the jar & upend it over the sink.
  4. Grate the cheddar.
    A light hand when grating will result in fluffier strands which are easier to incorporate.
  5. Add the cheddar and pimientos to the bowl.
    Yes, the one with the cream cheese. Hold back one big handful of cheese. No need to stir yet.
  6. Add the spices.
  7. But your smallest measuring spoon is 1/4 tsp?
    No problem. Fudge it. Use half of the 1/4 tsp. Dry mustard shown here.
  8. The onion powder
    Same with the onion powder. Just use half of the 1/4 tsp.
  9. And the cayenne.
    No measuring needed. I just sprinkle a wee bit over it. This is a "to taste" ingredient. Up to you.
  10. Now add the mayo.
    Just drop it on top. It's good for the spices to connect with the wet ingredients (pimientos & mayo). The moisture will help to incorporate them.
  11. Combine all the things.
    Use a sturdy, flat-ish spoon or spatula. Not so much stirring as cutting & folding ingredients together.
  12. It'll take awhile.
  13. When the cream cheese is quite friendly with the cheddar add that reserved handful.
    This will give you a bit of texture in an otherwise smooth spread. The photo is before adding that last handful.
  14. Combine til it looks like this.
    It will be nearly smooth and quite malleable.
  15. Yield 2 sandwich containers.
  16. Enjoy!
  17. You can halve this recipe.
    But you may have to endure the whining when it's gone. Oh, and you'll have to figure out what to do with half a block of cream cheese.