This is the playlist I pull up to listen to while in the shower. I sing along. Loudly.
  1. Save Tonight - Eagle-Eye Cherry
  2. Shimmer - Fuel (from before the break-up/reform.)
  3. Someone New - Hozier
  4. Cherry Bomb - John Mellencamp (Autocorrect is insisting that name is misspelled.)
  5. Sparkle - Live
  6. I'm the Only One - Melissa Etheridge (The phrase "drown in my desire" ....oh yes)
  7. Sweet Thing - Mary J. Blige (Yes, I know Rufus did it too. I prefer this version.)
  8. Semi-Charmed Life - Third-Eye Blind
  9. Are We All We Are - Pink
  10. The Warrior - Scandal
  11. The Boys are Back in Town - Tin Lizzy (I have loved this song since childhood)
  12. Shambala - Three Dog Night (For my inner hippie)