1. Ham croquettas
  2. Cuban bread or heavenly soft morsels of lard (same thing)
  3. The tekka don at Matsuri
  4. Arepas from the arepa car in front of Toy'r'us on Kendall.
  5. Moms' meatloaf (seriously.)
  6. Cuban crackers with guayaba and cream cheese
  7. Anything from Tropical Chinese
  8. May's grandmother's flan (I cry)
  9. Rosa's flan (I cry some more)
  10. Caldo gallego
  11. Fried yuca with mojo
  12. Crema de malanga
  13. The oysters at Pubbelly
  14. The shakes from Robert is Here
  15. Boiled peanuts
  16. Alligator