1. When I order a "women's" t-shirt online, it arrives and is exactly the same sponge bob square trunk boy t-shirt except it has women's printed on the label and it costs more. CURVES! The shirt should have curves!
  2. When you find something really ACTUALLY interesting, enlightening or just plain cool and you post it on Facebook and everyone you know ignores it like you just posted a communicable disease.
  3. My bra underwire poking me in my side boob.
  4. Walking outside and instantaneously becoming a master fumunda cheese maker. I live in the desert and it's crazy hot and I am NOT 12 lbs and the space under giant boobs is real and consequently, fumunda cheese...
    Sorry for the overshare.
  5. Phone talking. I hate it. Please just tell me what you want. Send me a text. If you are having a mental breakdown and you need to talk, just tell me that and I will call you, but I want to know what I am getting myself into before a completely unnecessary conversation takes place. I know. I'm the worst.
  6. People asking me to borrow money. Please don't ask me to borrow money. Pretty please don't call me to ask me if you can borrow money.