Apparently people who live in California are subjected to this every year... Not cool California. Not. Cool.
  1. Threatening summons
    It's technically just a letter, but all the official sounding verbiage makes me feel like there are too many ways to fug this up and then I'm going to have to go to jail or actually show up. I'm not sure which is worse.
  2. When you make it through two days of calling in on standby and think your home free and then BAM! .
    Nope. You have to come in tomorrow at 9 am
  3. You have no idea where you are going.
    Unless you are a lawyer, government employee, criminal or an asshole that sues people all the time finding the courthouse and then navigating in and around it is like visiting another country. No speaks your language. You don't know where you should park. You are wandering around with that vacant squinty stare trying to find where you are supposed to be.
  4. The people who work there are the absolute worst.
    They are one of two people. The soul crushed civil servant who knows they have the cushest job on the planet. They are putting in the absolute least amount of effort necessary to maintain the deposit of a check on payday. They give less than zero fucks. The other is a condescending douche bag who believes themselves smarter than every other person in the building and probably the planet. The world revolves around them, their schedule, and world view. You are static white noise annoying them.