Kinds of cheese
  1. Gouda
    It's a Gouda thing you aren't lactose intolerant
  2. Muenster
    Something about a monster.
  3. Cheddar
    Stop all this cheddar chatter
  4. Feta
    Feta makes it bettah
  5. Provolone
    You aren't provolone, I'm here with you.
  6. Brie
    White girl baby shower cheese at its finest.
  7. Cream cheese
    Schmear it on
  8. Colby jack
    Cowboy cheese
  9. Provel
    St. Louis's processed response to provelone
  10. Velveeta
    Considered cheese in some Midwest and southern locales
  11. Cojita
    Sounds like an STD, tastes like salty deliciousness
  12. Gruyere
    Fancy people eat this
  13. Goat cheese
    I have nipples, Greg, will you milk me?