1. Get out of bed, nothing can be solved by not getting up.
  2. Cry, crying is the bodies way of healing
  3. Eat , even though you don't feel like it. Your body needs strength when it is stressed
  4. Go to a church, synagogue, mosque or wherever you can find strength
  5. Do your daily chores, errands, and go to your job. Putting one foot in front of the other each day. It will be hard and it takes courage but it can be done
  6. Sex, have sex with whomever you choose . Sex is healing and let's you know you are still alive.
  7. Horses, dogs, cats and pets are therapy four the soul. I kiss horses, mine or anyone else's.
  8. Don't isolate . People are life
  9. Take time to pamper yourself. Take care of YOU because no one else will
  10. If you fall into a deep depression seek help. Medications are there to help your body replace what stress and heartache uses up in your body
  11. Phone A Friend
  12. Know that "This too will pass" . Time really is a healer.
  13. Know that everyone on this planet has heartache and you are never alone
  14. Keep Holding The Door