What Drug Addicts Do To Families

I'm the sister of a drug addict who killed himself, I am the aunt of A Drug addict, I am the Step-Mother of a Drug Addict, I am the cousin of a Drug Addict who took her own life, I am the sister-in-law of a drug addict who overdosed. I was the enabler until I said No More
  1. They steal your sanity.
    They believe their own lies and blame you for not believing them. They accuse you of being crazy
  2. They Lie
    About everything
  3. They Cheat
    They can't function in society without trying to get around societies laws and rules. They try to cheat the system.
  4. They Steal
    From friends, family, neighbors, work...
  5. They take synthetic Heroine disguised as Suboxone
    The most addictive drug out there.
  6. They put the drug before their own children and family.
    They use food money, rent money, all the money for their drug of choice,
  7. They usually have Felony Convictions and cannot get work
    Therefore they sell their drugs for money
  8. They shatter families
    It takes every second, every breath from you. They hurt everyone they come in contact with. They suck the life out of everything without taking blame and owning up to their own part in it all.