My first list-- it's been giving me anxiety for two weeks. I keep making them in my head but then forget them. How do people type such long lists on their phone? My thumb already hurts.
  1. The Mortified podcast
    It is so refreshing, hilarious and nostalgic to hear people read their ridiculous old diaries and to know I was not the only person who wrote weird poems to Jonathan Taylor Thomas in 6th grade. Do kids these days have diaries? Or do they just blog... Or vlog? Do 8-16 year-olds-these days write with a pen and paper in a place that they REALLY hope nobody sees? Lemme know. I sure hope so.
  2. Cooking salmon
    There's a place called Wixter Market ( in Chicago that sells delicious seafood. They are so knowledgeable and kind and I've recently been asking about farm raised vs. wild salmon, and was surprised to learn their farm raised is preferred because of the quality and control of food they are fed, and they are flash frozen from the cleanest waters in Norway. Marinating and baking it is my fav. 375 for 8-12 minutes,👌🏼 (I just started eating salmon.)
  3. Transparent
    So relevant, so well done, beautifully shot, and so important to normalize. Even though it's about a trans parent, it doesn't beat you over the head with it. It's just a good drama with a great cast including but definitely not limited to: Gabby Hoffman, Jeffrey Tambor, Carrie Brownstein, and random appearances by my personal fav, Tig Notaro.
  4. Making breakfast mush (aka Muesli.)
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  5. Mystery show podcast
    The wonderfully curious @starlee Kine hosts a podcast that solves minor mysteries that can't be googled. The first episode is about a friend of hers who remembers renting a video from a video store in like, 2006, filling out a membership and then going to return it the next day and seeing the video store boarded up and closed. Why did they let her rent? Fill out a membership? What happened? My favorite part is her random conversations with strangers on the way to solve. It's entertaining.
  6. Rowing
    (The machine for now.) it's a Full body work out, nice to zone out to, and satisfying when you get the technique right. Hard to KEEP the technique right, but it's a good workout for people who hate working out, like me!
  7. The new Adrian Tomine book "Killing and dying."
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    Cartoonist and illustrator for the New Yorker.
  8. The Beach Boys
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    Saw love/mercy and went on a Beach Boy binge.
  9. My cat Vomit (Vom.)
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    This cat is always, (and I mean ALWAYS)within arms length of me when I'm home. We are best friends forever.
  10. Instacart
    I get my groceries delivered. Don't judge me. Traffic to the grocery store can be awful and it saves me so much time.
  11. Not being on Facebook
    Not trying to sound like one of THOSE people, but it really has made a difference in my day to day. I kept talking about deactivating but always said I "needed it for business." But then when I met people not on fb I was always like, "man, I'm so jealous you can do that." Then I was like, "let me be that person for a bit." So it's been like two weeks but I have discovered new podcasts and this app and I feel less angry an annoyed. AND my business hasn't tanked. Feels great!
  12. Contax 645
    My new baby, and treat to myself after a long summer of weddings. Getting back into film is so fun, and this is the first time I've used 120 instead of 35mm. I'm using a light meter and I am more patient and thoughtful about each shot. I am getting them developed and scanning negatives myself. Having to be patient in a world of instant gratification is HARD. I'm excited to use it more and more. Need a portrait? 👋🏻