I know it's good to try new things...but if it ain't broke...
  1. Domilises Po-Boys - it's basically a kitchen in someone's house uptown. Only the kitchen makes the best sandwich I've ever put in my mouth.
  2. Ms. Maes The Club - any place that refuses to lock its doors and remain open 24/7 whilst serving $1.00 cocktails is welcome by me. I am your loyal patron for now and ever. On magazine and Napoleon.
  3. The Maple Leaf Bar - there's good music in New Orleans. Have you heard? Go here.
  4. Le Bon Temps - refer to item 3.
  5. Clancy's - one of the best dinners I've ever had in my life in a small uptown neighborhood. They put brie cheese on their fried oysters. I think the local mob dines here too so great people watching.
  6. Goldmine Saloon - downtown in French quarter. They claim to have invented the flaming dr. Pepper. Don't know, don't care if it's true. I've danced until my feet melted here.