I've really enjoyed the app so far. This is some feedback on the experience. Overall, I love it!
  1. Great seeding of initial content even thought this must still be a pretty small beta. The community feels alive already & there’s a good range of buzzfeed vs. informative vs. hilarious vs. TIL.
  2. Love that @charlie sent me a list request. I’m pretty sure you did that manually, but it could be a great on boarding choice (maybe have a set of 20-30 generic list requests that get sent out sometime in the person’s first 2 days).
  3. If you had a writer on staff churning out a few of these request prompts per week you could figure out which had the highest response rate & use it as a re-engagement
  4. I made a list and got a ton of engagement. I’m guessing that I might have just gotten lucky, but if you do have some kind of algorithm to boost exposure on a person’s first posts, it *totally* worked.
  5. @ mentions are implemented, which I love, but it'd be great if they searched off of name as well as handle. I.e., @-charlie gets me Charlie Cheever, but @-cheever pulls up nothing
  6. The mechanics of the app are really easy to understand — I think people are familiar with the favorite, retweet, comment model. I’d be interested to see if “Save” is popular. It seems like you get pretty similar functionality out of ‘favorite' like Twitter does.
  7. I like the preview/full view format. It makes great use of screenspace. My one complaint is that I often find myself wanting to see a bigger version of a picture while I’m still in the ‘explore & see if I want to read the whole list’ stage & it takes me two taps to do that. I imagine it’d be frustrating the other way, too. Just a data point.
  8. I have a little bit of a balance problem in my feed where the ratio of original content to relists from the people I chose to follow is really heavily skewed towards relists. Same thing happened on Twitter — I’d be interested in a person’s thoughts, but they overwhelmed my feed with retweets. I hope this settles down or you build tools to address.
  9. I’m sure you’ve thought through tons of growth stuff already, but throwing in a People You Might Follow unit every 20 or 50 units might really help, especially for people who blaze through the setup flow. The app is well-made & engaging, so I think the big challenge is really making sure that people get bootstrapped with content.