Other than make a cocktail with it!
  1. Make Bourbon Vanilla Caramel sauce
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    Then decide whether to eat the whole sauce pan of it or give it away as gifts. http://bit.ly/1J9X3of
  2. Use to cure tooth ache
    For when you can't afford to make it to the dentist.
  3. Dump some pumpkins and spices in a jar of bourbon and you get Pumpkin Spiced Bourbon.
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    People will either love you or hate you. http://bit.ly/1I3OTZq
  4. Make a bacon vinaigrette with it.
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    Mr. Wilkinson's Well Dressed Salads is my favorite cookbook right now. This dressing is SO good on a Cobb Salad, or any salad if Cobb's not your bag.
  5. Infuse whipped cream, buttercream frosting, or anything that sits atop dessert.
    Or also goes on pancakes/waffle
  6. Give it as a gift.
    You win gifting so hard when you do this.
  7. Mix it with warm honey and lemon for a cough medicine substitute.
    My Dad's proven method to stop a cough and fall asleep.
  8. Make a vegan vanilla milkshake.
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    Not a cocktail so counts on this list. http://bit.ly/1HDtjxQ
  9. Make Irish Whiskey Truffles
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    A holiday tradition around the house every March. http://bit.ly/1KfgNZ9
  10. Make a batch of bitters and use whiskey as your base.
    Easy way to get more flavor into your bitters.