I love to cook but these guys make it miserable. Helpful suggestions welcome.
  1. Garlic
    This is the worst. If the recipe calls for a fine mince, I stare at this tiny, sticky allium and just smack it with my knife until it's just pulp. How one can chop it while it sticks to you, the knife, and flies off the cutting board is beyond me.
  2. Onions
    The eyes! Oh my god my eyes are on fire!
  3. Herbs
    Again...sticking to everything and flying everywhere all at the same time.
  4. Pineapples
    Those damn pointy things. I'll just get a can, thanks.
  5. Whole fish
    Where do I start? Those pin bones? The scales? Oh my god the eyes??
  6. Dates
    Had to amend this list since having to chop a boat load of those sticky things was my own personal hell the other day.