Inspired by @carey
  1. Need someone to haggle at the car dealership on your behalf
  2. Need help organizing an event
  3. Want an excuse to eat cake/tacos/oysters
  4. Want to talk about why Bob Vila was the worst This Old House Host
  5. Don't want someone to judge you drinking that oversized margarita in a glass sombrero. In fact I'll take one as well.
  6. Need advice on how to stock a home bar
  7. Haven't a clue which cocktail to order
  8. Want to know if that dress really DOES make you look fat
  9. Want to talk at length about the Real Housewives, any season from any city
  10. Want to go to the opera
  11. Or a play. Even if it's bad
  12. Want to go ball gown shopping
  13. Want to go dancing
  14. Want to go search through stacks of vinyl records for hours and possibly not buy anything
  15. Binge watch Are You Being Served episodes