I have a chocolate lab, pit and whippet mix. We've had her for 7 years and she's picked up a lot of names. Mainly names that have to do with how much she poops. @christopherlepkowski
  1. Frito Bandito
    When she smells like corn chips
  2. Smelly
  3. Brown Smell
  4. Stinky
  5. Big stinky
    For when my husband needs to know if I'm talking about the dog or the baby.
  6. Stinkleton
  7. Hey Asshole
    When she scratches her collar right outside the nursery and the clinking of the tags wakes the baby up.
  8. Captain Poopers
  9. Chocolate sauce
  10. Chocolate pants
  11. Sweet girl
    When she's being nice.