Inspired by @xoe in no particular order
  1. Tiki Party the First
    The first in a string of yearly tiki parties. I think this one corresponded to @christopherlepkowski birthday.
  2. Boozehounds of the Westside Unite All Girls Drinking and Mouthing Off Club presents New Years Eve
    My girlfriends and I met and formed a "club" where we all went out drinking. Later we hosted some parties and at some point even had a dedicated MySpace page. We almost had trading cards. This party had the best lip syncing version of Goodbye Horses I've ever seen in my life. And someone has a video of it out there I need!
  3. Ugly Sweater and Pudding Pop Christmas Party
    Apparently Pudding Pops were no longer being made and we never bothered to take it out of the invite. Also: ewww to all this.
  4. Tiki Party 2: The Wrath of Khan: Tiki in Space
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    We had a sand pit and Spock with a tiki mug and I went and bought fake plants.
  5. Boozehounds of the Westside Unite All Girls Drinking and Mouthing Off Club Secret Santa Christmas Party
    There was a summer sausage making the rounds at this party that made for some obscene, but tasty, photos.
  6. Tiki Party 3: Blue Hawaii
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    @christopherlepkowski and I had returned from our honeymoon where, among many places in the south, we stopped at Graceland. Gazing down upon us for the last 5 years still hangs this Elvis with the word bubble beckoning to "Come Lei with the King". We're going to keep that up until the kids start asking questions. Also, hello Elvis selfie.
  7. That Halloween Party when people dry humped the hanging man in the study
    We had some great decorations that year.
  8. NYE with the pillow fort
    Laziest party ever.
  9. My Vegas Bachelorette Party
    I'm counting this because it was 3 days and the only photo I have is a bottle of Jameson with a wig on it.
  10. My Party Hat Birthday Party
    Everyone had to wear party hats. Period.
  11. All the Bowling Parties of my 20's
    All but 2 or 3 were at bowling alleys. People drank. They fell down the lanes. It was chaos. I made t-shirts.
  12. So many birthday parties
    I just cannot remember the others we threw.
  13. Scotch Egg NYE
    This has become a tradition regardless of if we throw the party or go to someone's. @christopherlepkowski makes scotch eggs and they taste even better now that he eats meat.
  14. Taco Fiesta First Birthday
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    We just threw my daughter's first birthday party and she's fitting in nicely with themes. We had taco piñatas and real life tacos. Also maraca favors and I baked two motherfucking cakes.