Its a cloudy dreary pacific NW day and Im waiting for an ankle xray at the hospital.
  1. Really thin old people with solid round butts that poof their otherwise baggy pants out - they're obviously wearing diapers.
  2. Anyone talking about anything that they've thawed out for dinner. Everyone is a sad pathetic cook in my head.
  3. Women with smudged under-eye eyeliner.
  4. Overweight men with gray hair and shitty jobs.
  5. Adding "or...?" To the end of a question. It'll be ok - find your balls and ask your question outright.
  6. A pair of eye glasses fixed with a paperclip.
  7. That contemplative pause after someone's been bitched out where they seem to believe for that instant that they are, in fact, a loser.
  8. The old horse at my husband's boss's ranch that is sitting in the grass 80% of mornings.
  9. A mom's face when her kid bitches her out in public. Sorry mom.
  10. People waiting in the wrong line, or wrongly standing behind someone who isn't in a line.
    Actually no that just pisses me off. Stop lining up for everything like an idiot and read your surroundings.