Ever wanted to get into the wonderful world of superheroes but don't know where to start? Here are some easy steps to get your feet wet in this wonderful art genre
  1. 1. Pick a side
    No one likes a fence sitter, so the earlier you decide between MARVEL and DC the better. Example: after playing Arkham City for the first time I got connected to the DC universe
  2. 2. Find your character
    Start by reading some group issues such as Avengers or Justice League there are many teams out there and these give a wide sampling of characters. Also included are world events such as Forever Evil or Civil War. Sample around until you find the character you most connect with. Example: After reading Night of the Owls I connected with Nightwing as a character
  3. 3. Find your character's series
    Almost all characters have a solo book and those few that don't feature in teams such as X-Men or Titans. Some major characters have multiple books they feature in regularly start with one before branching out. Example: Nightwing features on his solo book along with being the team leader of the Titans
  4. 4. Find a starting point
    It's always good to begin at issue 1 of any series. to help new fans MARVEL has recently rebooted many series. DC has done similarly with REBIRTH and a few years ago with the NEW 52 these provide cohesive starting points for new readers while still maintaining most of the characters continuity .
  5. 5. Buy volumes, not Issues
    In a physical sense, volumes are a much better buy than volumes for a few reasons. Issues are usually filled with advertisements on every few pages while volumes contain no ads whatsoever. And in addition to containing full story arcs they are better constructed out of better paper and issue for issue are cheaper to buy. They also look nice on a shelf whereas issues are limited to piles since they have no spine to speak of.
  6. 6. Don't stop there!
    If you can't wait for new volumes to come out the comixology app is a great alternative to buying physical issues. Feel free to branch out with more characters or story arcs that your hero features in other books. If you started with REBIRTH, why not go back to what happened in the NEW 52? The world of comics is infinite and there are even great books outside of MARVEL and DC.
    Comment with what series you are reading! Currently I am reading Nightwing and Titans and finishing my Grayson collection!