Pixar movies ranked.

Finding Dory is coming out soon! Here's all the Pixar films ranked by me!
  1. 1 "Toy Story" (1995)
    Their original film is still their best. Funny, touching and groundbreaking.
  2. 2 "Finding Nemo" (2003)
    Pixar's most ambitious film to date. The whole screen is filled with an amazing under water world. Story and characters are great as well.
  3. 3 "Wall-E" (2008)
    Pixar tackles sci-fi and instantly creates a classic. This is a stirring odyssey involving a dystopian future and a wondrous space journey.
  4. 4 "Up" (2009)
    Pixar makes an adventure film lead by to unlikely heroes. One of the most original and thrilling films I have seen.
  5. 5 "Toy Story 3" (2010)
    Emotionally powerful, funny and a great ride.
  6. 6 "The Incredibles" (2004)
    Pixar makes an action packed super hero film and it turns out to be one of the best ever!
  7. 7 "Ratatouille" (2007)
    One of their most original films. A Rat as a chef? Brilliant!
  8. 8) Finding Dory (2016)
    Just as funny and as engrossing as the original movie.
  9. 9 "Toy Story 2" (1999)
    Toy Story gang is back. Pixar makes a film almost as good as the original!
  10. 10 "Inside Out" (2015)
    Original story and colorful animation make for an almost classic Pixar flick.
  11. 11 "Monster's University" (2013)
    A sequel that improves on the original. Pixar's version of Animal House.
  12. 12 "Brave" (2012)
    Pixar's first princess story! Visually amazing film. Story is cliched but still fun.
  13. 13 "Monster's Inc" (2001)
    I know a lot of people love this one. The animation was stunning. The story didn't quite hook me in.
  14. 14 Cars 3 (2017)
    Cars 3 is my favorite film in that particular franchise. It's a lot of fun and very exciting at times.
  15. 15 "Cars" (2006)
    This was an odd film for Pixar. It has great animation but the car characters are still strange to me.
  16. 16 "The Good Dinosaur" (2015)
    Visually stunning. Story is cobbled together out of other animated movies.
  17. 17 "A Bug's Life" (1998)
    This is still a fun film to watch. Back in 1998 it was a major step down for Pixar following the classic "Toy Story".
  18. 18 "Cars 2" (2011)
    A fun sequel but it pales in comparison to top tier Pixar films.