X-Men Movies Ranked

X-Men Apocalypse came out this weekend. How does it hold up next to the other X-Men flicks.
  1. 1) Logan
    Powerful film. One of the best comic book movies ever made.
  2. 2) X2 The X-Men United
    Still my favorite X-Men movie. From the breathtaking opening action sequence featuring Nightcrawler to Wolverine fiercely defending the mansion, this movie delivered from start to finish.
  3. 3) X-Men Days Of Future Past
    Classic X-Men story brought to life in one of the best comic book movies I have seen.
  4. 4) The Wolverine
    Watch the unrated version. It is gory and awesome!
  5. 5) Deadpool
    The only R rated mutant flick. Gloriously violent, funny and entertaining. I'm not sure if it is canon though.
  6. 6) X-Men
    The one that started it all.
  7. 7) X-Men Apocalypse
    Finally the villain Apocalypse is given his due and he does not disappoint.
  8. 7) X-Men First Class
    I'm at odds with this films fans. It got great reviews and solid audience scores. It is well made with some interesting moments but I found it mostly unnecessary.
  9. 8) X-Men The Last Stand
    The film that almost derailed the franchise. I still don't understand some of the choices made in this film.
  10. 9) X-Men Origins Wolverine
    One of the worst super hero flicks ever made.