Inspired to start my own burger list (@bjnovak), I want to hear what people's favorite places are to get down with your bad self and eat a burg!
  1. Free House
    The Laurelhurst Market burger with pickled red onions and pickles on the side, yesssssss. Neighborhood hipster bar. Probably the closest thing to a "cheers" environment for Will and I. They love the doggies!
  2. Tilt
    Kind of a bro-hipster vibe. One of the only reasons I'm happy to drive downtown. That bacon cheese burger tho.
  3. Bar Bar
    Simple, greasy and happens to be attached to my favorite music venue in town, Mississippi Studios
  4. Calamity Jane's
    Technically not in Portland but I couldn't leave it out of a list about burgers
  5. Two little tinys from Burgerville with extra spread and pickles 😍 and if it's fall make it a basket with sweet potato fries
    Suggested by @madithelma
  6. Stanich's
    Just as much for the vibe as the burger, perfect vintage Portland burger with an egg on it.
    Suggested by @sloan