Key Components to My Lazy Saturday Morning

I generally don't have to wake up that early for work during the week, but there's something really special about spending an extra hour staying cozy in bed on a Saturday. This is probably a big part of why I didn't do sports past 8th grade 😬
  1. Greeted by dogs - first reaction is to shove them off the bed telling them to come back later
  2. Stretching out my legs to the cool parts under the sheets
  3. Drinking my first coffee in bed 😍 it took 4 years of convincing My boyfriend that it really makes me happy to drink coffee in bed and that he would earn 1 million boyfriend points each time he treated me with one
  4. Sometimes I ask for coffee like this
  5. Stretching out in different directions, flipping over side to side to wake up. It's like lazy yoga under the covers.
  6. Enjoying the view out of my bedroom window. We have a 100 year old tree in our backyard so it makes me feel like I live in a tree house when I look outside
  7. Then I finally let the dogs snuggle - they are grateful. 🙏🏻