1. Pinkpop Festival 1996 (tight set with a glimpse of what's to come. Great version of Lift. Next stop, Ok Computer)
  2. Tibetan Freedom Concert June 1998 (after ending the Ok Computer tour in April, the band was oozing with confidence and came back with a vengeance. Killer versions of Airbag, Paranoid Android, Creep (yes they played Creep) and Street Spirit. Pablo, Bends and OkC era of the band ends with this triumphant short set.
  3. Toronto 2000 (No Logo show - the band sheds its skin and reveals a new sense of urgency in their music. Thom introduces a sponsorship before each song played. The music is now a backdrop to a new set of millennium ideas.
  4. Field Day Festival 2003 NJ (on a cold rainy night in June, their music was the perfect tonic to keep the soul warm. After they played a killer version of 2+2=5, they let it be known that no one could touch them and the title was still theirs.
  5. Bonnaroo 2012 (the band is clearly enjoying the vibes at the festival and in return, the band plays a flawless set. Thom's voice is changing with age and the music is reflecting another new direction.)