In no particular order, and I may have missed some
  1. CKY
    Won free tickets from 89X yes my dad had to come with us. He did not enjoy
  2. Lil B
    In the shelter, great concert by a sweetheart. Signed and took pictures after, even asked if the picture was ok before moving on.
  3. The Cool Kids and Clipse
    In GR, yes the cool kids were the main group. Great show
  4. Dropkick Murphys
    With the David Grau in high school, good show
  5. Chiddy Bang
    Another great show at the shelter, right up next to the stage
  6. Pac Div
    In the shelter again. Cool dudes and Boldy James showed up to open
  7. Earl Sweatshirt
    Upstairs at Saint Andrews awesome show with Vince staples opening
  8. Odd future
    So many white teenagers
  9. Zelooperz
    Album release party, cool show. Dude broke his nose from a crowd diver
  10. Summer jamz
    Awwww yeah been 2 times always awesome. First was the best right up at the stage with big Sean
  11. Alan Jackson
    With my parents at the palace
  12. Fabolous and Pusha T
    Cool show at royal oak, Pusha T was better
  13. Kanye west + Kendrick Lamar
    Decent show but had to leave because I had to work at 230am the next day and Kanye went into a 30 minute rant
  14. Chance the rapper
    Erin was a trooper and went in a weeknight to EMU to see this one with me
  15. Dizzie rascal
    Freshman year in college came home to Pontiac to see him, awesome show and fist bumped him
  16. Childish Gambino
    Very cool show, not the best performance but overall fun
  17. Luke Bryan + Dierks Bently
    Not bad concert, for better seats because Erin was on crutches. Dierks was better, Luke's pants were tight
  18. MC Chris
    The dude from aqua teen hunger force yeah I was there