1. 1.
    Summer Olympics
    The best sporting event on TV. Love all the different events and the patriotism.
  2. 2.
    World Cup
    Love the World Cup. All the countries, all the best players. And I do support Belgium over the US, my grandparents agree
  3. 3.
    Track and Field World Championships
    I can't get enough track on TV. People think it's boring but it's awesome to see them compete every two years. More Usain Bolt please
  4. 4.
    Winter olympics
    It's still the Olympics but I'm not as invested in these events
  5. 5.
    Super Bowl
    It's an event and football is one of my favorites to watch on tv so I mean no one misses it.
  6. 6.
    Tour De France
    A month of bike racing sign me up. Doesn't matter who is winning I will be watching
  7. 7.
    World Series
    Big baseball fan and nothing is better than the World Series. The patches on the hats are always tops
  8. 8.
    NBA Finals
    I like watching basketball on TV but hardly like any teams but the Mavs so it's hard for me to get interested if they aren't in it
  9. 9.
    NCAA football championship
    I like the playoff system more than the system before but still doesn't crack the top
  10. 10.
    NCAA basketball tournament
    Not as big of a fan as most but I fill out a bracket and that keeps me interested each year
  11. 11.
    Stanley Cup
    Not the biggest hockey fan but it's the Stanley cup so I pay attention
  12. 12.
    US Open Tennis
    I had to pick one of the tennis majors and yeah this one is my favorite because it's in the same time zone and they don't have to wear white.
  13. 13.
    The Masters
    Eh it's golf