1. Dallas Cowboys
    Americas team. They were great when I was a kid so I latched on and haven't given up on them since.
  2. Dallas Mavericks
    Started liking them in grade school as a Nash and Nowitzki fan. Had some ups and downs but glad Dirk got his ring.
  3. Arsenal
    Started liking them because of Henry back in 2005, and have stuck with them since. And it's much easier to watch them now instead of finding a bad stream every game like I used to do
  4. Washington Nationals
    Liked the expos so I followed them to DC. It's been up and down but I watch most all their games on mlbtv
  5. Belgium National Team
    Being Belgian I've supported them over the US in soccer always and they are number 1 in the world now times are good.
  6. Kansas City Royals
    Number 2 baseball team. Liked them when they sucked and glad they won last year. Very fun team
  7. Atletico Madrid
    Second favorite club team, like their style and they aren't Barca or Real
  8. Minnesota Wild
    If I pick a hockey team it's them