1. Keys
    Once left them at the movies and had to break in to my house to get the backup to drive back to the movies to get them never again.
  2. Chapstick
    If I don't have Chapstick for a day my life is basically over
  3. Hand lotion
    My hands get very dry especially after washing them so I always carry hand lotion
  4. Gum
    I never know when I'm going to eat hummus or garlic spread for lunch
  5. Water bottle
    Got to stay hydrated for my beers later
  6. Phone
    Not having a phone for a period of time is enlightening and frightening
  7. Hat
    I almost always have a hat with me, I never know when I may be in a hat mood
  8. Wallet
    I have converted to a small wallet and hardly ever carry cash