1. Had a birthday
    I'm getting old
  2. Drank some Van Winkle 12
    Best liquor I've ever had
  3. Brewed a batch of beer
    A 1 gallon stout batch
  4. Went to the movies
    Had a weekday off and treated myself to a 11am movie
  5. Snaked my basement drain
    It was so smelly and gross but now everything runs smoothly
  6. Went to my favorite Belgian restaurant
    Love some Mussels and pomme frites
  7. Went to the Detroit Dart Club
    The girlfriends bday party at my friends business, lots of fun
  8. Dog sat
    It was for a small dog, I did not approve
  9. Went to my parents for Easter
    Saw my grandma and had a nice meal.
  10. Found my old game boy at my parents
    And a bunch of games
  11. Started playing Pokemon again
    Gotta catch them all!