Inspired by St. Patrick's day
  1. Chocolate
    Never been a fan, I can eat a twin sure but just chocolate cake, ice cream, or bar no way can't stand it
  2. Steph Curry
    Can't stand him. For one he has a goatee, and secondly he plays for the Warriors my least favorite team.
  3. Small dogs
    I love dogs but I mean small dogs are like cats but way more annoying. They bark a lot, can't go for runs with me, and people carry them in their purses.
  4. St. Patrick's Day
    I'm not Irish and although I drink, I don't like being told what color to wear and drinking all day. Can't stand it
  5. Parades
    People show up to them so I'm guessing that people like them but really they are so boring
  6. Fireworks
    They are supposedly different but I mean once I saw them once they all look the same to me
  7. Festivals
    There are too many people there and it's just not worth it
  8. Vodka
    Like almost every kind of liquor except vodka. If I drink it my mouth immediately starts to water like I may refund the vodka.
  9. Pre game shows
    I watch a lot of sports but can't watch the pre game shows. So much talking about the same stuff over and over. Just get to the game.
  10. Poutine
    Can't stand cheese curds, and it also looks like garbage with gravy on it