1. Tom Hardy
    Mad Max- that's about all that needs to be said but he was on top of this list long before he played max.
  2. Chris Pratt
    Loved him in parks and rec, brought to the next level by guardians and confirmed by not blowing it in Jurassic world
  3. Chris Hemsworth
    Spot is in serious jeopardy with recent roles, but I give the benefit of the doubt to Thor. Also a good SNL host
  4. Ryan Gosling
    Gotta love the Gos. Not all his roles are the best, but still great. Loved him in drive and only god forgives (movie was not great).
  5. Michael Fassbender
    Great in most everything he is in. Very versatile and talented
  6. Jake Gyllenhaal
    Gotta love Donnie Darko
  7. Benedict Cumberbatch
    Very good as Sherlock, can play most anyone including Smaug.
  8. Bryan Cranston
    Always will know him as Malcolm's dad, so good in that and awesome in breaking bad. Awesome in everything
  9. Will Forte
    What a friggin turd
  10. Adam Driver
    The only person I like on Girls, Kylo Ren pushes him into the top 10