Acceptable winter hand wear for your young child (5 and under).

A heads up from a frustrated preschool teacher.
  1. Maybe these.
    For the 4-5 year olds. If they fit and the kid can put them on themselves. If they can't, forget it.
  2. Not these.
    This is tricky. Waterproof seems like the way to go. But your child will not be able to move their hands at all and unless the mittens fit really well (they won't), they will constantly come off and your child will end up with bare hands in the snow anyway. Also, good luck holding their hand, you'll think you have it and suddenly you'll be holding an empty mitten.
  3. Certainly not these.
    All the bad things about the above two combined. No, no, NO!
    Woven mittens. Preferably the cheap, stretchy kind that will fit snugly on their hands. They are easy for kids to put on and they STAY ON.
  5. Also,
  6. You will buy more than one pair a season.
    Accept it. Be zen about it. Don't spend too much money on cute.
  7. ☃❄️🌨