1. Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee
    Probably giving me permanent stomach issues.
  2. Any midday cup of coffee
    Gives me life! But messes with my sleep.
  3. Getting take out after a trip to the grocery store
    Shopping is so tiring, I never want to cook afterwards.
  4. More than one drink at happy hour
    Hangovers are not as easy to recover from as they once were.
  5. Bar food at happy hour.
    Doesn't help anything.
  6. Working lunches
    Do any teachers not use their lunch as prep?
  7. Letting my students get away with stuff because they're cute and I like them.
    I just want to chat and play with them all the time, I frequently let them distract me from the daily routine.
  8. Going off my shopping list at Target.
    Wonder Woman pjs, socks with bears on them, tie-dye sports bras. I'd be richer without this stuff, but probably not as happy.