From roughly ages 8 to 11, I almost exclusively listened to Hit Country. I lived in a pretty rural area and it was what a lot of my friends listened to. My parents hated it. Catchy, cheesy and completely unsubtle, a lot of it makes me cringe these days, but some songs I will love forever and ever.
  1. "Life's a Dance"/ John Michael Montgomery
  2. "Small Town Saturday Night"/ Hal Ketchum
    "What's the hurry son? Where you gonna go?" So perfectly describes teenhood in a tiny town.
  3. "Should've Been a Cowboy"/ Toby Keith
  4. "My Baby Loves Me"/ Martina McBride
  5. "She's in Love With the Boy"/ Trisha Yearwood
    "You, yourself was just a hayseed cowboy who didn't have a row to hoe."
  6. "I Saw the Light"/ Wynona Judd
    I remember this song being used for our line dance unit in gym class from fourth through ninth grades. So wonderfully inappropriate.
  7. "No Man's Land"/ John Michael Montgomery
  8. "I'm Gonna Be Somebody"/ Travis Tritt
  9. "Forever and Ever, Amen"/ Randy Travis
  10. "Meet in the Middle"/ Diamond Rio
  11. "You Know Me Better Than That"/ George Straight
  12. "Some Girls Do"/ Sawyer Brown
  13. "Little Red Rodeo"/ Colin Raye
  14. "Chatahoochie"/ Alan Jackson
  15. "The Bug"/ Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug." This lyric runs through my head a lot.
  16. "Wild One"/ Faith Hill
  17. "Cowboy Love"/ John Michael Montgomery
    Possibly contributed to my attraction to pick-up driving guys in high school.
  18. "Ain't Goin' Down 'til the Sun Comes Up"/ Garth Brooks
    Of course.