1. Brandon B.
    My best friend in early elementary school and someone I've stayed in contact with. Crush started at 5 and was rekindled at ages 8, 12, 16, 18, 21, 26, and 29.
  2. Doug Funnie
    We'd hang out with Skeeter and rock out to "Killer Tofu".
  3. Joshua Jackson
    Mighty Ducks to present. ❤️
  4. Zack Morris
    Kind of an ass. Possessive, spoiled, lied a lot. I did not have great judgement on this one.
  5. Eric W.
    So cute and nice! Every girl in my 3rd grade class had a crush on him. I had to keep it quiet so my best friend wouldn't get mad for liking the same boy as her. Moved away in 7th grade and the female student body mourned.
  6. Logan Bruno
    Swoon. Thought that maybe if shy Mary Ann from the Baby-sitter's Club could have a nice, cute boyfriend in middle school that for sure I would too. Haha, definitely not the case, but gave me some hope.
  7. Aladdin
    Good hair. Tan. Magic carpet. Good singer.
  8. JTT
    I was super jealous when Randy got a girlfriend.
  9. Brandon H.
    Quiet and cute boy who sat across from me in 4th grade. Now married to a sweet and pretty girl we went to high school with.
  10. Cole A.
    Sat next to me in 6th grade. Cute, funny, always got his homework done, but had no problem rebelling if he felt there was something to rebel against. Still super cute, married a girl we went to high school with.
  11. Taylor Hanson
    Seemed smart, sensitive and funny. Fantasized about hanging out with him and his brothers, talking about music.
  12. Leonardo DiCaprio
    Hard core. 1997 to present.
  13. Brian Littrell
    Kind of a mystery. Aside from being "the nice one", he was not at all my type. I really dunno....