I'm as shocked as anyone.
  1. Getting up early
    5 on weekdays. I get up, make coffee and relax for an hour before I have to start getting ready for work. On weekends, it's weird to sleep past 6:30.
  2. Going to bed early
    Getting up at 5 means I'm exhausted by 9 and rarely stay awake past 10.
  3. Watching TV a little at a time
    This is hard with multiple episodes of everything available immediately at your fingertips, it's hard not to get sucked into binge watching. I try to watch just one or two episodes of something with my coffee before work in the morning and not watch TV at night.
  4. Only morning coffee
    This makes me sad because I love coffee, but I sleep so much better if I don't have caffeine in the afternoon. It doesn't apply on weekends.
  5. Strategic clothes shopping
    I make lists, wait for sales and don't shop as a recreational activity (for clothes, books are a different story).
  6. Drinking a ton of water
    Hydration man. 💯
  7. Honing a more serious skin care routine.
    Thanks for the reminder @courtneymoss! This has been a big focus this year too. Day moisturizer and night cream.