1. Until I found out that he thinks it's okay to teach creationism in public schools.
    This is New York City and its 2016.
  2. What the hell??
    Individuals, believe whatever you believe, more power to you, I don't care. But church belongs in church and science belongs in science class. This is not complicated to me.
  3. Also claims he's not really religious.
    So, stupid then?? Closed minded enough to think that a story from the religion he doesn't care about should be taught as a possible fact to students who greatly do not come from the same background as him? Ugh!!!
  4. And this is the second time this has happened recently.
    This exact same thing!! What the hell!? Again, New York City, 2016!! Educated and liberal are not crazy things to ask for!
  5. Back on OkCupid for two hours this time and I'm ready to quit again.
  6. Online dating is the actual worst.