1. Indulged in not one but TWO venti Starbucks drinks yesterday.
    I was peeing so much that I convinced myself I was getting a UTI, forgetting all the extra liquid and espresso (I'm an idiot).
  2. Said "Fuck the lesson plan" and read the kids a lot of Frog and Toad
  3. And finger painted.
  4. And got lots of hugs.
    Preschoolers are a really good distraction.
  5. Decided I couldn't possibly go home after work.
  6. Considered smoking weed for the first time in my life.
    Didn't do it. I'm almost 32, I think the window for that particular rebellion is closed.
  7. Also considered asking a stranger for a cigarette.
    I've never done that before either.
  8. Was not the only one who needed to get out of the house.
  9. Took a walk.
  10. Told Trump exactly what I think of him.
  11. Gave some money to the ACLU.
  12. Read more Frog and Toad.
  13. Sang "If I Had a Hammer" to the kids for their nap time song.
  14. Bought way too many books.
    But it's the time of year where compulsive book buying is rewarded with a free tote bag. Love you @strandbookstore 📚❤️
  15. This was one of them.
  16. Researched organizations that need donations or volunteers.
  17. Now feel like I might actually sleep tonight.