My birthday was Thursday and I feel like I have grown a ton over the past year. These are things I want to keep working on.
  1. Get serious about nutrition.
    My habits aren't the worst, but there's room for improvement. And I'm much more sensitive to bad foods than I used to be. Veggies, veggies, veggies!!
  2. Explore my career options.
    I'm good at my job, but I'd like to explore other things within the field.
  3. Figure out what the hell to do when I really like a guy!
    I have a crush right now. It has been a long, long time since I've been this interested in someone and I don't know what to do about it. I feel like I'm 15. Ugh!!😊🙃😥
  4. Get and stay organized.
    My room's a disaster. My desk's a disaster. My brain needs order, I'm going nuts!
  5. Stick to an exercise routine.
    I have a wonderful friend who I was working out with last year. She moved and I haven't been able to stay consistent for more than a few weeks at a time. More than physically, I mentally need this.
  6. Explore communities based on my interests.
    Most of my hobbies are solitary. I like to read. I run sometimes. I'd like to join a book club. Maybe a running group? Something to be a little more social.
  7. Travel someplace new.
    This shouldn't be too hard. I've lived on the East Coast for ten years and could name a handful of nearby states I have never visited. Asia would be cool too.
  8. Get rid of crap I don't need.
    I have so much stuff! Everywhere! Ugh!!!