Living in Manhattan is a lot to deal with, Brooklyn is just fine, but Queens is really the best borough.
  1. The food
    Thai? Turkish? Mexican? Japanese? Peruvian? Indian? Korean? You can get it all, delicious, delivered and CHEAP!
  2. The diversity
    There were nine different home languages in my preK class last year (9!!!). It's just a neighborhood school. I love telling this to moms who pay loads of money to send kids to international schools. Queens IS international.
  3. The Queensborough Bridge
    Some of my favorite memories are late night, tipsy, cab rides over this bridge. And it has its own song.
  4. The Mets
    Are they great? Eh, maybe not always, but there's some major Mets pride over here and I love it!
  5. Jackson Heights Pride Parade
    It's all older people and families, not what you might think to be a typical Pride Parade crowd. Makes me so happy and proud to live here!
  6. Car service companies
    Pre-Uber and green cabs, this was the way to get around and I still prefer it. I have strong loyalties to these neighborhood companies.
  7. Affordable rent and decent sized apartments.
    For NYC. For now.
  8. ❤️